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And Thus, Yet Another Stupid Blog (YASB) Was Spawned...

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As a junior system administrator working in the support department of a web hosting company (I won’t say which one, in the interest of reserving the right to safely poke fun at them in future posts), I hear a lot of complaints. In fact, I hear them every single day, in merciless droves. I’ll even go so far as to say the only way I can get through a work day without being assaulted by a persistent inundation of petty grievances is if I shutdown my workstation, unplug my office phone, and spend the rest of the day running through the data center, screaming too loudly to hear the sound of my bosses telling me to plug it all back in (and shortly thereafter firing me). In other words, the only way to avoid the onslaught of needless grumbles is to just not go to work. The moral of this anecdote though is not that I hate my job (I actually don’t, if you can believe that). It’s that I have heard quite a diversity of beefs that people have with this world, and more specifically, with the internet that we all share in this world. Even with this exceptional level of diversity under my belt, I can still say with a high degree of confidence that there is at least one complaint in this world which I have never had the opportunity to pretend to listen to. Indeed, Not once, in any of my many adventures with the scores of testy clients I handle on a daily basis, have I ever heard a single one of them lament to me, “James, there are not enough blogs on today’s internet!”. Yet here I am. Amongst all of the complaints about broken or inadequate things, with which I am so intimately familiar, I have, for some incomprehensible reason, set out to make a contribution to the internet in the one capacity which no one believes to be suffering from an incapacity problem. YASB.

So if you’ve found this stupid blog, then I think it safe to assume you’re also asking yourself, “Why the hell would I want to read this stupid blog?” The answer is, you probably don’t. But you’re bored, and you need to kill time while you’re (at work)/(procrastinating on your homework)/(taking a break from being awesome). So I counter to you sir (Ok, that was horribly sexist. You may very well be a ma’am), why the hell not read this stupid blog? If you ever wanted to learn a thing or two about the internet, programming, or alternative operating systems (Ok, so maybe I embellished a bit… really just Linux), and you can decode the pseudo-language that is most of my technical babbling, then you might have actually come to the right place. Or, if you want to troll some poor welp on the internet (that’s me!) who can barely piece together a sentence in proper English or communicate with any semblance of clarity, you might just read my posts and leave disparaging comments about how I’m living, breathing proof of the ineptitude of the American education system. I think between those two options, we can all agree there’s something here for everyone.

Speaking of things we can all agree on, I think we can all agree that the only thing more boring than reading yet another stupid blog post is reading a stupid blog post about what the stupid blog is about. So I’ll let this stupid blog describe itself to you through the delivery of its content, and lay this stupid post to rest. Welcome to the LottSpot.