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Making of the Blog: An Introduction

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If you missed my first post, well… I would say go read it, but I don’t actually recommend that you read anything that I post. If you caught it, then you know that this is a blog. You know that it’s here. And you know that it’s probably stupid. The thing about blogs though, no matter how stupid, is that they don’t just pop up wherever, whenever they feel like it. Somebody has to put in the time to actually assemble one. And guess what? This blog is no different. What is very different about this blog though is the way in which it was assembled, and the awesome technologies which came together to make it happen.

Now if anyone who I actually know is reading this blog, I promise you their eyes glazed over the moment I splattered the words ‘awesome technologies’ on the screen. That’s because when I start talking about ‘awesome technology’ is usually about the point when I start to drone on about boring nerd crap that they don’t understand, and don’t care about. Fear not, my less-than-techie crowd. What we all need to remember is that the core of this series is just a look at building a blog, something anyone can take something away from. While I will be very much be getting into the gory details of the Domain Name System, webserver functionality, command line programs, and a whole host of other topics that enthusiasts clamor for, the wizadry and the basics will be nicely separated into their own sections, or probably even separate posts entirely. The goal of this series is for you, my beloved reader, to delve as shallow or as deeply into this topic as you feel comfortable delving. Or, if you’re a geek, to be able to easily skip over the basics that you’ve already read a hundred times. Or, at least that’s the stated goal. The unstated goal is to show off how awesome of a nerd I am, and increase my street cred, obviously.

With all that being said, off we embark, on our blog building adventure! The first thing to do on this adventure is identify what exactly is needed to launch a blog. Luckily, I already have that answer for you ;) Every blog that wants to be viewable by human beings is going to need, in no particular order, the following:

  • A Domain name
  • A Platform
  • A Host

Now at this point, if you’re a human, you may be wondering, “What the hell are all of those things?” Well, feeble human, we will cover all of that for you and more in the upcoming series. If you’re a geek, you’re probably looking at this list thinking, “I already knew all of that… so what?” Well, sun-starved geek, I got you covered too. As part of this series, I’ll be covering my implementation of each of those components in the building of this blog, and you will praise them, and say cool things about them.

Stay tuned folks.